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Future of journalism (few modest lines)


Here are some elements which are, by my modest opinion, important to consider the future of journalism in general

  • Technological revolution, which includes a big explosion of users of developed types telecommunication.Television,mobile telephones and Internet – let s mention only some of them – influence directly to the position of classical forms of journalism, expressed in printed press.Circulation of printed media are decreasing rapidly in all countries, what is logical consequence of these trends. The latest developments in this area bring us the devices which , in pocket dimension, sum up almost all modern inventions in this field - television, trans mission of the picture and video, news, mobile communication, music.
  • Technological transformation of the communication world goes hand by hand with large economic, political and social changes and tremors. Wars, tensions between big powers and nation, racial , national and religios conflicts are partly result of the democratization of communications. Former areas of world, whicj were practically exluded from the actual and big events, became in relatively short historical period, aware of their position and theh grab for moderne gadgets, which are avaiulable and rrelatively cheap in comparision with privileges and information which they offer.Last century and current events globally affect position of old media, which lose the ground and firm position which they enjoyed for decades and centuries.
  • Financial and economic crises in the biggest states and regions, which still strongly affect them, brought social uncertinities and turmoils, strikes and rebellions of the lower classes, which became aware of their position. Financial maniopulations of the big financial and bank institutions and greed for profit at all cost, resulted in the poicy of merging of political, econmic and ruling circles , which took over the majority of media. Privatization of media, covered with the mask of necessity to make them profitable , deteriorated the status and freedem of journalists and journalism in general. Owners of media gave up of the proclkamed and legal policies of noninterference in the contntent and freedom and baceme practically a consituent part of the state politics. In different subtile forms, but also in open dictature and presure, freeminf journals are being ecluded from the media scenes.Many journalist are fired and dismissed , or they accepted – feared for their destiny – poition of the deprived persons.Selection on obedient and nonobetient journalists, downgrading oif the latter regarding the salaries and stimulations , lowered rapidly the prestige of media and journalism and resulted in permanent negative trends.
  • It would be a rather narrow approach to consider the fall of the media in contemporary world with only one or several metioned elements and trends.They are result of the complex of different events and the analysys of it would fail if we do not see them in their joint structure. Every person, in possession of the modern technical devices, becomes a part of media worl, potential associate of them , who may send in a second the message and picture, what was until recently the privilege of the professional journalists. I would call this as some kind of the democratization of communications, which endanger the position of the ruling classes and give them additional arguments to supress media and journalists.This is of course only a part of the whoile story, but it has its place in global picure of our issues.We are enetering more and more in the future where the information and news , now with the solar speed , became a decisive element of power and who first possess them – he has a chance to transform them in power.
  • We are living in the world where we are not able any more, like in the past centuries and times, to forsee the future.We are lonely planet, far from the cosmic worl, and on our destiny there is no other, except maybe the God, who can solve our troubles and problems.We have to do it by ourselves. If we want to destroy the contemoray civilisation , we shall do it.The human race may fall down or diseppear, but the planet will continue to tour its path around the sun.The media, as siginificant part of modern times, shares the destiny of the termoiled world, which is currently wonder in search for its exits.In this selfdstruglle for survival, media may have an upper hand and contribute to positive solutions which will, I am sure, will appear.It may be the high price, but the positive side of the human race will prevail.Media, in crisis by itself, are already highly damaged and hurt, but they will survive in one or other form, as it happened with many other phenomenas and appearances in the history.If we concieve this only as the period of global crised and the struggle of the world to surpass it – consciencously or in otger way – the future can offer the hand to better side of humanity and to media and journalists.


Miloje Popović - SERBIA,
Athens, march 4 - 7. 2010.

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