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The giant of Belgrade, at the end of the mountain chains of Serbia
Twice born at the top of Avala hill, as the God reappeared
Ignoring the rules of life, it is again here to guard green Sumadia
Iron body, with the heart of flowers - it is really weird


Proud in its height, unique in the world, with only three legs
Fighting easily with winds and storms, stubborn as the horn
Could not resist to deadly rocket in the middle of night
Which came abruptly, ruined him jealous of his mighty plight


Avala tower drew its forces from his forest dragons
And of his brother - Unknown hero at the top of the hill
The monument which keeps the memory of a Serbian soldier
A victim of the bloody war a long time ago


Nobody was able to prevent its fall in that horrible night
Tower was exposed to the evil knight arriving from the sky
He fell down in the second, but did not say good bye
I will be back again here - it was his last cry


It happend - he proudly revived and threw its glance
At Belgrade and far around, again seen and glorified
Honest people built again to be their guard
Giant only said: Thank you, my brothers, I will be again your bard


Miloje Popovic Kavaja, 2010.

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